What We Do


Orphan Justice Center is a global voice in calling people to a Children’s Justice Revolution.  OJC is mobilizing people across the globe to engage in the help and rescue of children.

Everyone can be involved.  No matter what season of life you are in, you can make a difference!

We link arms with organizations and individuals who have led the way in caring for orphans.


We believe that every child should have a safe and healthy home.  We encourage healthy families to adopt.  We help connect parents to children who are longing for a lasting home.

We encourage the Church to serve children in the Foster Care system.

Many children around the globe have lost a parent.  Even though they may have other family, they are in great need of help, resources and support.  We pray for local leadership to rise up and bring solutions to the children in their country.  We encourage the Church to support and resource children in need.


After Rescue and Adopt we begin the journey to Restore wounded and broken hearts……

OJC educates and equips families, organizations and communities in establishing strong, healthy and lasting homes.

We help families navigate through the specific needs that they have with their foster care or adopted children.  We suggest a combination of prayer, holistic therapies and support systems that create an optimal environment for healing.

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