We believe that every child should have a safe and healthy home.  We encourage healthy families to adopt.  We help connect parents to children who are longing for a lasting home.

Many children around the globe have lost a parent.  Even though they may have other family, they are in great need of help, resources and support.  We pray for local leadership to rise up and bring solutions to the children in their country.  We encourage the Church to support and resource children in need.

We encourage the Church to serve children in the Foster Care system.

Calling the Church to the Orphan

Calling the Church to Adoption

We share the message that Abba Father calls His people to respond to help widows and orphans in their time of need.  This is not an option but a Biblical mandate.

We meet with leaders from around the world and call them to join a justice movement to love, care for, and be a voice for the most vulnerable.



Foster Care

Foster Care Training

It is estimated that over 700,000 children go into Foster Care each year.  There are approximately 500,000 children in Foster Care in America at this time.  Over 100,000 of these children are available for adoption.

We work to build strong relationships with agencies that help with adoption and foster care certification.




Adoption – Preparing Families

OJC Families

We bring resources to pre-adoptive, adoptive, and foster care families to strengthen family relationships and to help children and parents form strong bonds. We pray for and encourage adoptive parents across the nations.

We work with children in our community that are recently adopted or are in foster care to help them integrate into their family and to re-enforce the values that are being taught by the new parents.



Local Children’s Facilities

Our Justice Advocates serve at local children’s homes.  We encourage people to  volunteer to serve these homes in every community.  A kind word and loving smile can make a huge difference to a child in a difficult transition.




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