After rescue and adopt the work of restoration begins… OJC educates and equips families, organizations and communities in establishing strong, healthy and lasting homes.

We suggest a combination of prayer, holistic therapies and support systems that create an optimal environment for healing.

Prayer Room Restore Event


The prayer room restore event is focused on enabling children to find healing through prayer, dancing, singing, and encountering a beautiful God that loves them.

As we lead children to the Healer and Great Restorer, He will touch the deepest areas of their hearts, bringing healing and restoration.



Father’s Adventures

Fathers' Adventures

OJC is calling Fathers to join together to care for the vulnerable children in their community. Malachi 4 says that God will turn the hearts of the Fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the Fathers.

We are praying that God will give men hearts to protect, nurture and defend children.  We call men to come around vulnerable children, fathering them and lovingly leading them into their destinies.


Justice Advocates

Justice Advocates

We encourage volunteers to give help to families and children. Not everyone is called to adopt or to take in foster care children but everyone is called to help. A few hours a week can make a big difference. As one mother said about  justice advocates….

“They helped us go from striving to thriving.”


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