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During one of our weekly trips to residential facilities:
For weeks she refuted the truth. “I’m not His daughter! I’m stupid! Jesus doesn’t love me!” But this week it was like a veil was lifted, allowing her eyes to finally see. When I asked her this time where Jesus lived she said, “He’s in my heart!” She continued to receive truth week by week and it changed the way she talked, sang and even painted.

During a Restore Event for Single Moms and their children:
We heard mothers say, “I have not had a haircut in over two years!” And the children exclaim, “this is the best day of my life!” We were able to serve dinner and give needed nutritious food for moms to take home with them.

From an adoptive family after our restore classes:
“Thank you so much for making these classes available… I have felt overwhelmed and isolated. I now feel new hope for my family! And I feel like I now have practical things I can do that will help in the restoration of my daughter.”

From our Fellowship:
“I am so thankful we integrated our foster licensing training with The Fellowship, otherwise I would have felt unprepared to foster children from difficult places. OJC’s Fellowship was our most valuable asset in our journey toward becoming a long term foster and adoptive family.”

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