Our Vision:

Orphan Justice Center exists to be an answer to the cry of millions of orphaned children around the world. We link arms with people across the globe to see all children safe, healthy and established in loving homes.

Scripture is clear that it is the responsibility of the Church to care for the widow and the orphan. We believe that this is a special time in history where God is highlighting His heart as a Father.  It is always God’s purpose that every child have loving and nurturing relationships.  For too long people have used positions of power to take advantage of the most vulnerable. God is pouring out His Spirit to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children so that these young ones will be cared for, valued, and walking in their destiny.

As we respond to care for the orphan we will begin to understand the Father’s heart in new and glorious ways. The truths of the incarnation, redemption, and the splendor of the sacrifice of Christ will have fresh and profound meaning as we learn to give of ourselves and to sacrifice to serve these little ones.

Our Mission:

Rescue - Adopt - Restore

Rescue: Mobilizing people across the globe to engage in the rescue of children.

Adopt: Calling the Church to a justice movement to nurture and care for the orphan.

Restore: To see children healed and walking in their destinies.

OJC Overview Booklet (PDF)
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