Letter From Our Founder

Renee Loux, Founder of OJC

How incredibly blessed I am to be the mother of a tribe of thirteen children, nine adopted, three biological and the guardian of one, each one perfect and unique in his or her own way. It is an honor to watch them being restored and walking into the destiny that God has created for them.

I am blown away by God’s love for the orphan and how He will go to any length to cause us to hear His voice and to act. My children each have their own story of redemption, how God put specific plans into place so that they would end up in our family.

I’m speechless and humbled that God has entrusted OJC with His heart for the
orphan. Outside of the first commandment, there is no greater calling in my book…

The Loux Family

There is much to be done and Jesus continues to strengthen us to persevere. We strive to carry the torch with wisdom, humility of heart, and a burning love for the orphan. We will work diligently to bring justice and restoration to as many orphans as we can, until Jesus comes to rule and to reign with His justice.

We all have a part to play in this justice revolution, seeing children set into families and
restored into their destinies.

Join the revolution!

Renee’ Loux

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